About Us

We have years of experience consulting with clients from an array of fields ranging from Nursing & Pharmacy, Computer Graphics Technology to Supplier Diversity and Marketing Research with experience in using massive data set analyses, meta-analysis and bootstrapping, an extensive statistical tool set, as well as design of experiments and technical writing.

At SRS, we use this extensive knowledge and experience to help you get the job done.  Whether you want to use current data to predict future decisions or help with design of experiments, we ensure complete understanding of the results.
Meet Our Consultant

Meghan Tooman received her Masters degree from the Department of Statistics at Purdue University and her undergraduate degree in Statistics and Actuarial Mathematics from Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN.

  She supports projects from a variety of diverse backgrounds including:

  • Healthcare:
    • Medicare claims data analysis
    • Cardiology patient data: predicting incidence of stroke after surgery/ comparing significant differences among new and old medications (retrospective observational datasets)
    • NHANES database analysis: data mining for Vitamin D research and analysis
  • Market research:
    • Predicting consumer market segmentation
    • Meta-analysis of pork and poultry enzyme summary data compiled from journals and summary reports
  • Education Research:
    • Survey design and data analysis: supported research on a variety of subjects including technology in the classroom and educational support for ESL students

In addition to her consulting work, Meghan teaches several sections of Statistics 301, a large service course at Purdue University and will be coordinating the summer session in 2014. She has also helped in creating several hands-on modules to use in a summer school program at Purdue in conjunction with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Dr. George McCabe that teaches statistics to undergraduate science majors through experiments and data analysis.